Aloha! I'm Rupa Wong.

I'm a North Carolina girl, living in Hawaii.  Yes, I know, that's basically the dream right? I've built my private practice here in Honolulu for the past 13 years and am passionate about teaching women the skills and mindset that helped me achieve it all.

I took a leap of faith. In myself.

How did a Duke girl end up in Hawaii by way of NYC? I was on the track. You know, the one you're taught to want.  Academic appointment at Harvard.  Salaried position at prestigious Boston Children's Hospital.  A job I loved.  And, I gave it all up, to move 6,000 miles away from family and friends to build something of my own.  Doing so was the absolute scariest decision of my life.  And, the best.

13 years later, I'm still here.


That single decision was the basis for so much growth in my life. I learned to trust in myself, to grow as a leader, manager and a boss.  I overcame my own limiting beliefs to build a thriving private practice.  

And, along the way I learned about balance

Work-life balance is thrown around a lot these days.  But, I like to think of it as work-life harmony.  I've been able to raise my 3 beautiful kids on the beaches of Oahu where we enjoy surfing and stand up paddle boarding.  This life doesn't come easy, but it's the one I've chosen.  The one which aligns with my values and if I can help other women choose their lives in alignment with their principles, then my job is done!

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