Envision the Life You Want

A step by step guide on using your core values to create a plan for your life.

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Here's What's Inside

  • Gain clarity on your core values
  • Synthesize personal, financial, professional and family goals
  • Set short term and long goals
  • Protect against burnout by carefully considering your professional objectives and their integration with your personal and family life.

Are you unsure how to prioritize your daily goals?  Which ones are important? Which ones can wait?

It all starts with identifying your core values -what drives you.  So, if you are struggling to figure out a plan for your life, I get it. I used to feel like my 'To Do' List had hundreds of things on it and I always felt discouraged that I didn't get enough accomplished. Grab my free guide to finally learn what it takes to lay out the life you want by focusing on the small decisions that eventually get you to your destination.


A Note from Dr. Rupa Wong

I used to be uncertain and unclear on my path forward. And, then someone advised me to create a 10 year plan for my life and I absolutely had no idea how to do that. In the process of laying out my life, I created this workbook and it allowed me to truly gain clarity on what matters to me. When my core values are central to every decision, then I'm always only pursuing tasks that are meaningful and helping me make forward progress. I hope you'll find the same for yourself. 


Yes! I Want It!