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A community membership designed to empower female pre-meds, medical students and those in training to move towards life as an attending physician confidently

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Your 5-Step Process to Realizing Your Educational & Career Goals While Maintaining Work-Life Harmony

Because you DO have it in you to achieve.

Why Did I Start the Attending Lounge?

I had no intention of creating an online membership site, but I felt compelled to do so, learn why right here.


So, what exactly happens in the Attending Lounge?

It's a membership experience designed to help women grow into confident attending physicians.


Gain access to premier female mentors in their fields with live Q&A


Expand your mindset to reach your goals successfully


Connect with like minded women interested in collaboration over competition

This Membership Is For You If You Are a Female Pre-Med, Medical Student or Physician In Training And You're Craving

  • Mentorship
  • Career Advice
  • A Collaborative Community Which Uplifts Each Other
  • Clarity on Your Path Forward

Learn actionable strategies to navigate your educational journey confidently

Ready to build your dream life in a supportive, nurturing community?

Join the Attending Lounge so we can take these next 3 steps together.


Create work-life harmony by synthesizing your core values with your long term goals


Expand your mindset and skill set to cope with failure, overcome Impostor Syndrome and focus on what matters


Empower yourself by mastering skills of interviewing, networking, negotiation and decision making

Aloha. I'm Dr. Rupa Wong

Ivy League Educated Physician, Private Practice Owner, Mama to 3 Kids, Educator, Textbook Author, Managing Partner, Conference Co-Founder, and Mentor.

But, my journey wasn't easy and my path wasn't always clear. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the work load at Duke, isolated by the competitiveness of fellow pre-meds and discouraged that I would never find a supportive spouse.

You are not alone.  You can thrive.  You can succeed.  And, we can do it together.

Meet Dr. Rupa

Are You Ready?

To take control of your goals during this uncertain time?  To learn from the women who've gone before - grown and flourished despite challenges? To support other women on a similar journey and thrive while you share?  To gain confidence? To eliminate feelings of isolation and competition?

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You'll Learn To

  • Utilize SMART goals to craft your vision and direction for your life
  • Synthesize your core values to craft your personal statement and job applications
  • Use failure as a foundation for future success
  • Identify limiting beliefs and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Confidently interview and network to achieve your goals
  • Employ a growth mindset to strengthen your application
  • Boldly negotiate contracts and advocate for yourself 

"As an Attending Lounge member, I have experienced a year of personal growth, career development, networking, genuine mentorship, and meeting new friends around the world. One of the most meaningful lessons from the membership was identifying my top 5 core values. Sitting down and putting pen to paper provided the clarity for me to answer the questions “Who am I? and What core values do I want to manifest within my life?” The Attending Lounge modules provided the tools to dream big, create actionable goals with a growth mindset (such as applying to medical school), and to build successful habits – all with my core values at the foundation. Each small daily decision made in alignment with my core values is reinforcing a life intentionally filled with health, autonomy, growth, dedication, success, and joy! Thank you, Dr. Rupa, for bringing together a community of women who are leading examples that it is possible to create your dream life through intention, heart, hard work, and taking a chance on yourself! Regardless of where you are in your medical journey, if you are ready to make a change in your life, to understand who are and where you want to be, while surrounded by a community of women cheering you on, then you’ll want a seat in the Attending Lounge. I can’t wait to meet you! "

Anna Leonard
Pre-Med Student

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